About you and your stored data


When you visit our web site you will be asked regarding cookie consent. You decide what kind of data we might collect. Some cookies are essential and mandatory for web store to operate (Ecwid, the platform which powers our web store), others serve as statistical and analytics tool (Google analytics).

Placing order

Depending on type of ordered goods we need to collect some extra personal data. For free digital orders email address is enough, for physical products we need to collect your addres in order to deliver.

If you do not agree to subscribe to newsletter at checkout we will never use collected email for any marketing purposes. does not collect or store your credit card information. All transactions are securely processed by Stripe, but they collect needed info in order to process your transaction.

Using personal data

The collected data will be used exclusively for the purposes of customer order fulfillments. In case you agree (cookies consent, newsletter) also for statistics and marketing.

We do not share personal information collected during orders with others.

Your right to delete all your personal information

If so, let us know and we will do it within 30 days.

Might you having questions

Pease send us email.