All about Gift cards

How it works

Logical but we have to say it anyway store accepts only gift cards purchased in store.

The same is valid vice versa: gift cards purchased in store can be used to pay for goods available in store only.

How much do gift cards cost

Different predefined gift card values are available, starting at 20,00€.

What happens after you purchase a gift card

You get an email with a unique gift card code and instructions on how to use it. The email subject is “Your gift card is ready”. It’s automatically sent to email address you provided at checkout as soon as the order is paid.

Sending gift card to lucky recipient

You can forward the email or send the gift card link via sms or messenger. The recipient can get a link by clicking the "View Gift Card" button in the email. The page at such link contains all the needed info: a link to store where the card can be applied, current gift card balance, and instructions on how to use it.

Redeeming a gift card

To redeem it, one should enter the card code from the email to the field at checkout.

A gift card can be used in multiple orders until it’s fully redeemed. A customer can see the remaining balance if they click the "View Gift Card" button in the email or after they apply a gift card at checkout.

If the order total is more than the gift card amount, the customer should pay the remaining amount using other available payment methods.

Expiry date

Gift cards expire 2 years after purchase if not redeemed.

What is not possible

It is not possible to apply more than one gift card per order.

It is not possible to apply gift card to free order (free digital products).

Discount coupons can't be used for a gift card purchase.

A gift card can’t be used to buy another gift card.

Gift card returns are not accepted.

Gift cards can’t be exchanged for money.